This Is Sci Fi Gold Right Here


This car is a thing of beauty. Or is it a van? Hell I don’t know. Good to see that the attention to detail fell all the way down to the proper call numbers on the side. Sweet.

You thought I was sure to rag this one, didn’t you. A car guy guy can’t appreciate sci fi. As if.

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2 thoughts on “This Is Sci Fi Gold Right Here

  1. Hi, I see you have my creation posted here. It is however appearing in quite the disrepair from when i last seen it. I invested many hours into building this and making it functional. I used it for a promotional vehicle for my business and it made news on more then one occasion back in the mid to late nineties. I sold the vehicle to a friend who was going to finish it for his own purposes. it appears that it never made it to that point. I would much like to find the current owner. I have a few pictures of it in its heyday around if your interested..

    J. Lucky Brown

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    1. That would be great to see some pictures of this ride! Send them to the site through the link at the top right and we can get them added.

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