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Another Issue With Education

Seriously, what the fuck is up with our education? How many argue we have the best there is? Champions of education? I think not! Check out this homework that came home with my kid… in 2013.


And in case you’re saying to yourself, “That’s fine, the answer is just wrong.” That is not the case. This WAS the answer that was on the answer sheet.

So is our education system 30 years behind the curve or is this some wacky Republican outreach to the youth vote? I will let you decide. Either way, Seriously – What the FUCK!?

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Seriously What The Fuck Is Wrong With You In-breeders

Oklahoma law makers passed House Bill 1674 which prevents teachers in science classes from penalizing students who contest evolutionary principles with completely unscientific and untestable faith based claims.


This can only be the result of too many generations of in-breeding. There can be no other cause from this kind of complete brain dysfunction. This is a sure sign we are on target to prove that Idiocracy was truly a prophetic film.

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