Dumbass Dog Owner

I think the picture is classic by itself but it helps to also know that she is standing on white stencils that say “No Dogs in Park.” She also walked by a trashcan and another stencil on the sidewalk that say “No Dogs in Park”.  There is also a trashcan in front of her she is obscuring that says “No Dogs in Park”. On her way through the park she will walk by no less than 3 signs, 6 trashcans, and 4 stenciled messages on the sidewalk all announcing the same thing. Yep, you guessed it “No Dogs in Park” All of this on her way to pick up her kid from school. Fucking awesome parenting. Seriously – what the fuck.


The worst part is that I am sure people see this all of the time, all over the place. For some reason these dumbass fucking people think they they are special. Well you know what. I think they are special, just not in the way they think.  

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