Dipshit Douchebag Darwin Day Deniers

Hooray! In a time of space travel, quantum physics, and a level of technology and enlightenment unprecedented in the history of our 4.5 billion year old world, we have finally declared the first ever Darwin Day! It is long overdue. This great new day is meant to celebrate Charles Darwin’s genius and theories on evolution. Evolution has turned out to be one of the most tested and verifiable scientific theories in human history which has held true with literally trillions of pieces of evidence supporting Darwin’s theory of evolution. Finally this great scientific pioneer has earned something he so richly deserves.

Happy First Ever Darwin Day!

It won’t shock you to know that there are still a shit ton of dipshit douchebag Darwin deniers! I’m not talking about a crazy dingbat living off roadkill in the south. Well, maybe that guy too. But also some of the elected leaders of our country. I’m talking about are those insane pastors, community leaders, and propagandists that still think that evolution is wrong. There are far too many people in a position of power that are fighting against evolution who on a daily basis are influencing people and making them dumbererererer…er.

Take this dingle-berry for example: According to The New York Times, Rep. Paul Broun said evolution is one of those “lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”

Seriously -What the FUCK!? We know better. We ALL should know better. What would you say if these same jackasses insisted the world was flat? We know it’s not, because we can see it is round. We can see it FROM SPACE. We ALSO KNOW that evolution is real because WE CAN WATCH AND OBSERVE IT! The world isn’t flat. Evolution is real. FUCK!

So have a happy First Darwin Day! Please for the love that is all that is evolutionary, toss these jackasses out of office, out of leadership roles, toss them out of our lives, and let’s show them that evolution can even work on them!

Happy First Ever Darwin Day!

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