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OMFG Hello Kitty Cruiser


This is for real. Seriously. No bullshit. No Photoshop. Yep. This made me burst something important in my brain somewhere.

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Phat Phart Tubes are Phucking Awesome


Need I say more? No, but I’m going to. Apparently this car owner not only wanted the loudest and most annoying farts coming from his stylish car. But how to you kick it up that one extra notch? Well, what do farts do? They stink right. That’s right! Nothing a little trash can fart tube conversion can’t handle.

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This Is Sci Fi Gold Right Here


This car is a thing of beauty. Or is it a van? Hell I don’t know. Good to see that the attention to detail fell all the way down to the proper call numbers on the side. Sweet.

You thought I was sure to rag this one, didn’t you. A car guy guy can’t appreciate sci fi. As if.

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