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Arizona to Make High School Students Swear an Oath to Graduate

The insane douche bag legislators of Arizona are at it again. This time they’re wasting taxpayer time and money with in an attempt to force high school students to swear an oath to God and country. If the students don’t make this pledge, they  can’t graduate. Seriously – what the fuck is wrong with these idiots!?!

Arizona Asshole Legislators to Force Oath for Diploma

Stop wasting our time, you fucking morons. Why not spend some time and effort on legislation that actually helps high school students graduate instead of posing restrictions on those that have made it through school. You should be praising them, not trying to get them to pledge an oath, assholes.

Here’s more if you want to learn more about this piece of shit legislation:

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Holiday Texting Moments

The holidays are always full of all kinds of What the FUCK!? moments. Especially when you or your in laws get all blasted on eggnog.

This little gem landed on the couch next to me while we were hanging out and enjoying the holiday festivities. Talk about something more to talk about! HAHA!


Seriously – What the FUCK!? Are you not even reading the stupid shit you are texting? Hmm, let me think… wait I know how to respond “^^^^^^^^^^^^”!

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